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Mobile App Graphicbox Software

Mobile Applications

iOS / Android / Windows Phone

By implementing numerous mobile projects, we have gained enormous knowledge and experience, which enables us to provide unique advisory throughout the project development process. Our developers know well the needs of users, which makes the applications user friendly. Our team develops mainly native applications, which are more stable and secure than hybrid ones and enable access to many custom features for every smartphone.

Web Solutions Graphicbox Software

Web Solutions

HTML5 / JS / CSS3 / AngularJS

The popularity of the Internet and web tools is growing. To meet this challenge, we offer our customers state-of-the-art, custom web-based solutions powered by technologies of the future. A responsive website may turn out to be an indispensable showpiece, whereas a creative and engaging landing page will actively support marketing activities during advertising campaigns.

Graphicbox Software


PHP / C# / B2B / CRM / CMS

Intuitive warehousing systems, task-oriented systems, or simple synchronised calendars are essential tools of every successful company. We provide our customers with production, warehouse, employee and working time management systems. We can deliver professional solutions, from the simplest dashboards for managing web-based applications and websites to inventory identification systems.


Graphic Identity Graphicbox Software

Graphic Identity

Logo / Identity

Corporate identity is the basic tool which enables consistent and easy marketing communication of a company. From a simple logotype to a visual identity book, we provide end-to-end visual support.

DTP Graphicbox Software

Printed materials (DTP)

Flyers / OWV / Buisness cards

Printed advertising materials are an indispensable element of every marketing campaign. Even for low-budget projects, it is the basic tool for promoting the company.

Mobile UI UX Graphicbox Software

Mobile UI / UX

User Interface / User Experience

Developing graphical views of mobile applications which improve user experience is a challenge. Every element featured on a small mobile phone display must be well thought out and must not mislead the user. We are not afraid of challenges and we develop engaging and creative graphical views.