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How to install an Android application?

How to install an Android application?

You can install Android mobile applications in two different ways. One of them is of course to download the application from the official Google Play mobile store. Once you download the application, the installation process starts automatically. However, there are many applications distributed as .apk files. During application development, Graphicbox’s customers also receive the .apk version for testing. Only after the customer’s approval can we offer the application in the store.

Installing the application using an .apk file is done in another, more complicated way. First, find the option ‘Unknown sources’ in an Android phone (Settings/Security). Enable the ‘Unknown sources’ option and then copy the installation file to the phone’s memory. The telephone should have a file browser installed by default (e.g. File Commander). If you do not have any file browser installed on our telephone, download it from the official Google Play store and install it. File Commander is recommended. Launch the file browser and find the .apk installation file. Click on the file and start the installation.

When installing several versions of the same application, first uninstall the previous version and only then install the new one.